OSM by Chef Joe


Wednesday, April 24, 2019 at 11:59 pm

You are now ordering for the week of April 28, 2019. 

Menu for the Week of April 28th

Marcus Wright

Chief Executive Officer

Weekly Specials

A. Honey Mustard Chicken w/ Roasted Spring Brussels. Roasted and glazed chicken breast served with roasted brussel sprouts and red potatoes. 

B. Blackened Salmon- Salmon coated in our signature seasonings then then broiled to perfection. Then served with a jasmine rice and broccoli.

Protein:41, Carbs: 32, Fat:14, Cal: 418. $9.50 (D) Contains GMO free soy sauce.

C. Korean Beef Bolgogi- A Marinated Korean StyleBeef on a bed of Cauliflower rice. Served with an Asian antioxidant power salad (spinach, rainbow kale, arugula, carrots & sesame dressing). Protein:39, Carbs: 9, Fat:24, Cal: 396. $9.50 (KF)(LC)(GF) contains:soy

D. Chicken Fajita Tacos- Mini tortillas stuffed with Tex-Mex chicken breast and sautéed peppers & onions. Served w/ our house salsa. Protein: 41g, Fat: 7, Carbs: 49, Calories: 432

E. Cilantro Lime Ground Turkey- Lean ground turkey stir fried in lime juice and cilantro. Then served on a bed of brown rice and spinach. Then topped with a lime wedge. Protein: 39, Carbs, 32: Fat: 12: Calories:392

F. Classic Turkey Meatloaf- Lean ground turkey bound together with egg whites and oatmeal then stuffed with chopped veggies. Served with our seasonal greens and roasted red potatoes. Protein: 39, Carbs, 32: Fat: 10: Calories:374

G. The Fit Burger- Lean fit beef patty topped with provolone cheese and stuffed in a whole wheat bun. Served with sliced red onions and a bed of kale house-famous chef sauce. Protein:38, Carbs:42, Fat: 19 Calories: 411

1. Lemon Creme Protein Pancakes- Oatmeal flour infused with whey protein, lemon zest and vanilla, served with a side of sugar free syrup. Protein: 30g, Carbs: 59g, Fat: 12g, Calories: 465

2. Spring Strawberry Overnight Oats- Oatmeal soaked with Greek yogurt, almond milk, protein powder and stuffed with Spring Strawberries. Served with a granola topping. 50g C: 69g F: 7g Cal: 406

3. Turkey Chorizo Frittata- A House made Turkey chorizo baked with eggs. Topped with salsa verde and queso. Served on a bed of spinach. Protein: 38 Carbs: 9 Fat: 26g Calories:449